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What Are The Four Stages of Mesothelioma Cancer?

What Are The Four Stages of Mesothelioma Cancer?

stages of mesotheliomaMesothelioma is a rare type of cancer and a malignant tumor in the mesothelial tissues of the lungs and the abdominal cavity which arises from the fibers of asbestos. Because of its rarity, a lot of people are not aware of this type of dangerous disease.

In fact, many people die from mesothelioma mysteriously without any symptoms of that cancer.  Many people have not heard of mesothelioma before despite the widespread awareness of the disease and even physicians find it so difficult to detect and recognize mesothelioma because its symptoms are the same as lung cancer and pneumonia. In fact, it takes decades for a patient who was exposed to asbestos to realize mesothelioma (approximately fifty years, at most).

The person who is in the stage of taking  Medication must know the different stages of mesothelioma. Recovering from mesothelioma depends on the stage of the disease.

There are two staging systems used for Pleural mesothelioma.

The first is TNM system and the second is Brighan system. but the first is mainly used.  The TNM system is used profusely because symptoms are not clear.
There are three variables in the (TNM) system. One is called tumor nodes and the second is called lymph nodes and the third is called metastasis.

Mesothelioma stage 1


In the earliest stage of Mesothelioma (stage number one)  the malignant mesothelioma cells begin to grow and multiply just one layer of the pleura. The pleura is the membrane which covers all around the lungs.  There are some instances in which the pericardium and diaphragm cover are affected, So the patient Who has cancer is still in stage I of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma stage 2


In the second stage,  We can note that the two layers of the pleura are already affected by mesothelioma. The pleura provides just small amount of lubricating fluid which allows the easy expanding and contracting of the lungs fibers. During the second stage of mesothelioma, fluid begins to arise between the membrane of the lungs and the membrane of the chest wall, so pleural effusion occurs. any increase in the volume of fluid produced can cause shortness of breath and chest pain. Symptoms of the pleural effusion can be detected by using x-ray.

Mesothelioma stage 3


In the third stage of mesothelioma,  the malignant cells have spread to the chest wall, esophagus and the lymph nodes.  The patient may suffer severe pain near this parts. When the patient who has mesothelioma does not respond to the medication, cancer then becomes dangerous and may develop to the fourth stage.

Mesothelioma stage 4


In the fourth stage, mesothelioma could have penetrated into the bloodstream and other organs in the body such as the liver and the brain.
 On the other hand, brighan staging system can determine whether the mesothelioma can be removed or not and whether the lymph nodes are affected or not.

In stage IV of mesothelioma cancer cells have already gone to the bloodstream and all body parts such as the heart, brain and liver. Briefly, the patient who has reached stage IV of mesothelioma can't live more than one year.

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